Today’s Solutions: December 03, 2021

Whether you drive for Uber on the weekends as a side job or work for a full-time contracted delivery service, working in the gig economy means taking certain steps to make sure you, as a worker, are protected. With 36% of the American workforce working in a “gig,” there’s bound to be some readers here that are a part of this part-time workforce. If you are, here’s a quartet of tips that can help you squeeze the most out of your job in the gig economy. 

  1. Take advantage of P2P payments: Using these online payment services, like Zelle, means you don’t have to worry about cash or checks and the income hits your bank account immediately.
  2. Don’t forget tax time: Even if you just work your gig part-time or on the side, you still need to report those earnings. Consult a tax expert to figure out how those extra dollars factor into your income report.
  3. Make a plan to save: If your gig job doesn’t come with a steady income, savings can be key to bridging the gap between payments. Additionally, if your employer doesn’t offer a formal 401k plan, make sure you’re still making savings a priority on your own.
  4. Put yourself first: It can be tempting to take on as many hours and clients as possible but make sure you’re taking time for yourself and only working with clients worth your time. It can be tough to say “no,” but don’t be afraid to turn down less than ideal clients or ask existing ones for new references to build up a reliable clientele base. 

More and more workers are joining the gig economy. As the workforce grows, it is also quickly changing. California recently passed a bill ensuring labor protections for gig employees. Working in the gig economy doesn’t mean missing out on traditional job perks, you just might have to go about getting them a different way.

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