Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

Anyone who has ever had a broken limb knows how unpleasant orthopedic casts can be: they have a cumbersome shape, must be kept dry, which makes bathing difficult, and can cause the skin underneath to become itchy, smelly, and irritated.

With some innovative thinking at play, startup Cast21 has managed to develop a futuristic sleeve that could see all of those problems become a thing of the past. The waterproof, lightweight and breathable alternative can be worn to bathe, exercise and even swim in the ocean. On top of that, the device is way faster to set up than traditional casts and even comes in a range of vibrant colors.

Physicians start by measuring the damaged limb using a flexible measuring tape. Once they’ve selected the correct size they slide a flexible, slightly padded, sleeve onto their patient’s arm.

Using a patented liquid pack, the physician then mixes a duo of liquid resins and pours them into the empty sleeve using a valved nozzle. After the sleeve is full it takes three minutes for the liquid to turn into a malleable gel. The doctor then molds the product to fit the patient’s limb and waits an additional five to seven minutes for it to completely harden.

While the company hopes to make a splash in the field of orthopedic technology, the innovation is still a work in progress, with designers now working on expanding the product’s sizing and making it as affordable as possible.

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