While there are plenty of online networking tools these days, there’s only one like Homeis. That’s because Homeis specializes in building networks that are focused on the needs of specific immigrant communities and helping them find things like new friends and job opportunities.

The startup has already built tools for immigrants from the Israeli, French and Indian communities, and now it’s expanding its operations to help Mexican immigrants. In a launch announcement, the startup says that its Mexican community will “address specific pain points for Mexican immigrants,” such as by helping them find trusted immigration lawyers.

If building tools for immigrant communities seems like a political act in 2019, that’s something co-founder Ran Harnevo is proud to embrace. Harnevo, who is an Israeli immigrant himself, has made it a personal mission to empower immigrant communities—especially at a time where hostility against immigration has grown.

With the launch of a Mexican community, he wants to make it easier for the largest immigrant community in the US to share resources and connect with one another. Now that’s a textbook example of using tech to help build a community.

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