Today’s Solutions: June 29, 2022

Human beings’ boundless quest for answers is an attempt to master problems before they arise and feel a sense of certainty. It’s a survival tactic. It’s not a problem when, let’s say, your job requires you to think of every possible outcome of a situation to determine what could happen like if you’re a mathematician focused on probability theory.

But oftentimes, we spend far too much time thinking about things that don’t require extensive analysis, which can eventually lead to anxious thoughts. If you find yourself chronically overthinking, there are many tactics you can use to get out of the vicious cycle.

One way is to try to be aware of your thoughts and take control. What you choose to keep in your mind largely influences your happiness, which means it’s important to harness the power within you to be aware of what thoughts enter your mind. Once you are aware, try to make a conscious decision to let go of those that do not serve you, such as anger or jealousy.

Focusing on the facts is another way to stop overthinking. When you zero in on the facts about a situation, it frees you from obsessing over vague assumptions, which are often incorrect, and conserves your mental energy. If you don’t have the facts, ask for them. When you remain objective, you tend to make better decisions and find ways to solve problems with more ease.

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