Today’s Solutions: May 19, 2024

The beauty of playing a sport is that it can remove you from the more regular emotions you usually feel throughout the day and bring you into a state of focus and adrenaline-fueled excitement—especially when a sporting event reaches a crucial moment. According to a new study from Northwestern University, the ability to focus when the pressure is on actually has key benefits for your brain.

The study found people who play sports have a greater ability to tune out the static and noise of everyday life than those of a less athletic persuasion, which allows athletes to process information and situations better. They may also have a quieter, healthier nervous system as a result, the study concludes.

Of course, the researchers noted that these benefits occur only if athletes in contact sports avoid serious brain injuries.

If you’re raising a child, perhaps you should consider enrolling them in a sport they like: it will not only motivate them to live a more active life but may also lead to a better ability to focus and filter out the noise of everyday life.

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