Today’s Solutions: July 20, 2024

With nearly 700 million trees being cut each year to make the shipping boxes used in e-commerce, and nearly 8 million tons of plastic in tape, bubble wrap and foam, it’s high time the industry rethinks its wasteful practices.

Enter THE BOX – a revolutionary, sustainable and trackable shipping box that generates almost zero packaging waste. Developed by LivingPackets, the box is a clever collapsible and reusable box for e-commerce deliveries offered as a service.

The product has an integrated holding system, a sort of net inside that eliminates the need for non-biodegradable filling materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. It’s equipped with smart sensors measuring temperature, humidity, and shocks, to detect and prevent potential damages; and it has an integrated electronic address display so no paper label is needed.

THE BOX also enhances the online shopping experience where, for example, customers can return a shipment by simply pressing a button on the packaging. Users and packaging collection points are incentivized to return the boxes and keep them in continued circulation.

Accounting for the large environmental footprint that comes with e-commerce, packaging as a service seems like a great solution that could benefit not only product vendors and customers, but the planet as well.

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