Today’s Solutions: May 31, 2023

Besides making working lives more enjoyable, there is strong evidence that fun in the workplace packs a powerful punch in terms of organizational benefits. For instance, one study in the restaurant industry found employee turnover was reduced when employees perceived their work environment as being fun. On top of that, fun in the workplace can also foster more positive attitudes, help teams become more cohesive, and help people deal with or recover from stressful work experiences.

Keen to make your workplace a more fun space for you and your colleagues? The following four research-backed tips will help you do just that.

Make fun voluntary: The more voluntary an activity, the more likely it is people will see it as fun and enjoy participating. But that means truly voluntarily, as opposed to an activity that is technically voluntary, but where people still feel pressure to engage in some way.

Fun from the top: As organic fun is more effective than manufactured fun, it makes sense for managers to create an environment where employees initiate and organize various fun activities as much as possible, as opposed to managers and leaders driving it from the top down.

Recognize different personalities: Organizations that have a strong culture of fun and believe in the benefits of hiring people that fit the culture of their organization are more likely to have employees who share fun as a common value. Those employees are more likely to have a positive perspective on fun events.

Types of fun: The type of activity makes a difference. Research tells us events involving food, celebrations of personal milestones, and workplace outings are best received. Avoid events where people risk making a fool of themselves in front of their coworkers.

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