Today’s Solutions: September 25, 2022

Chronic skin wounds from diabetes, burns, and other medical conditions can overwhelm the regenerative capabilities of the skin and often lead to persistent infections, and even amputations. Treating these wounds properly can be extremely difficult and tend to be quite costly too, but a new type of “smart bandage” promises significantly more effective treatment.

Coming from researchers at the University of Connecticut, the innovative bandages are equipped with miniaturized needles that can be used by doctors to remotely deliver vital medication to stimulate healing. The bandage connects to an app through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing physicians to control how much of the medicine is administered and when it is administered.

Another great feature of this smart bandage is it can treat the wound according to what stage of healing it is in. Every stage of healing requires a different kind of medication to aid the healing process, so this smart bandage can deliver that medication to the wound at the appropriate time without a doctor or the patient having to undress the wound and apply this medication.

The smart bandage has the potential to replace current wound care systems and could improve the lives of millions of people suffering from chronic wounds every year.

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