Today’s Solutions: October 01, 2022

The possibility of life on Mars has intrigued scientists and citizens alike as the potential for water on the red planet keeps NASA searching its surface. This summer, NASA will launch its most elaborate rover yet to gather samples from the planet. The 2,260-pound rover will be searching for life on Mars, but this time, it will be looking underground.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory research scientist Vlada Stamenković says that because the surface of Mars is oxidizing and radiation-heavy, it does not allow for water to exist there for long periods of time, it would be more realistic to look for signs of life and groundwater under its red surface.

Unfortunately, while the upcoming rover launch will be able to take sophisticated surface samples, scientists will likely have to wait until humans make an expedition to the planet to explore underground. The good news is NASA expects a human-manned mission to Mars in the mid-2030s!

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