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This transformed camper brings the power of music to refugee children

Nothing brings people together quite like music. That’s why a nonprofit called Turning Tables has teamed up with Swedish studio Snask that brings music to refugee children to give them a chance to express themselves through sound. Together, the organizations have converted an old camper into a vibrant mobile music studio.

Founded by Danish DJ Martin Jakobsen, Turning Tables first began its work with refugees in New York, where it ran a program to teach kids how to DJ. The nonprofit program has since gone global, with teams of artists and musicians building spaces for kids to express themselves through music and other art forms.

Not satisfied with their many brick and mortar locations around the world, the Turning Tables team decided to go on tour around Sweden. To do so, however, they knew they needed a more efficient way to travel with their music equipment. Looking for solutions, they contacted the innovative creatives behind Snask to ask for help in designing a tiny music studio on wheels that would help them travel further to reach more kids.

Once they found an old caravan for sale, the renovation project kicked off with the help of several artists and friends. The rundown camper was completely gutted, removing all of its moldy furnishings and replacing its wooden structure. The resulting design is a fantastically vibrant music studio, complete with turntables.

Of course, the pièce de résistance is the soft pink fur used to line the walls and help with sound insulation. With the help of artists Fabrizio MorraRasmus Linderos and Enrike Puerto, the exterior of the camper was painted with a bold pattern of colors and shapes that perfectly reflect the project’s mission.

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