Today’s Solutions: April 20, 2024

Albert Einstein died in 1955, but scientists have continued to explore and validate his findings long after his death. Most recently, scientists have looked at collapsed stars for further confirmation of his theory of relativity.

Looking at a trio of two white dwarf stars and a collapsed neutron star, scientists confirmed the concept of freefall was occurring, which states that gravity accelerates every falling object at the same rate. Einstein theorized that relativity applied even to objects in space, which is where his ideas come into play in this recent experiment. 

Scientists have speculated that objects held together by their own gravitational pull might violate the universality of freefall, but when scientists from the University of Manchester analyzed the three stars, they found that the first white dwarf and the pulsar were both accelerating toward the second white dwarf at the exact same pace, down to the nanosecond. 

This confirmation again validates the theory of relativity, so although it might feel like the world is being turned upside down, some things are staying the same.

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