Today’s Solutions: March 03, 2024

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but finding that perfect gift for dad can be a challenge. Choosing a sustainable gift is an added challenge. Fortunately, we have a list of gift ideas that are great for dads and the planet!

  1. Tools. Useful and great for inspiring DIY projects, tools allow recipients to fix things around the house rather than buying new and many high-quality tools will last a lifetime and come with a great warranty.
  2. Travel mugs and bottles. If your dad doesn’t already have a sustainable to-go option for his morning coffee, a mug or water bottle is a great practical gift. You can even get customized versions to make it more special. 
  3. Wallet. A good wallet will last years, but they do wear out eventually. For a replacement, try one made from vegan leather,  these apple waste, and wood leather wallets, or these wallets made from recycled banana trees.
  4. Plants. If your dad has a green thumb or is trying to cultivate one, indoor or outdoor plants are great choices for purifying the air and decorating with natural beauty. If he’s not so good with keeping plants alive, opt for a low maintenance cactus or succulent. 
  5. Beer making kit. If he loves beer, he will love making his own even more. Complete kits cost about $200 and allow you to make your own sustainable homemade beer to enjoy and share. 
  6. Hobby class. If he doesn’t want to make his own beer but likes to learn. A class on anything from golfing to playing guitar is a zero-waste experience he will cherish for years. 
  7. Time outdoors. Time together is the best gift of all. Take dad on a new hike or bike ride to celebrate the occasion and enjoy the beautiful nature we are all trying so hard to protect. 
  8. Games. Board games, cards, or corn hole offer hours of screen-free entertainment with a low environmental impact. There are so many to choose from, you’re bound to find one he doesn’t have yet. 
  9. Park pass. Offer your dad year-round outdoor fun with a state or local park pass. If dad loves to road trip, the national parks pass is the best option!
  10. Solar products. They’re a big investment, but you can mount a solar panel to the RV or van for continual power on the road. Solar-powered lanterns or ovens are also great to have on hand for camping adventures. 

Getting the perfect gift is tough, but with these sustainable options to choose from, there’s something for every dad. 

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