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Today’s Solutions: June 21, 2024

Telemedicine is booming during the pandemic. For simple aches, pains, and the common cold, an easy phone or video call appointment with your doctor can save you time, money, and the risk of leaving your home. But what about your pets? Fortunately, telehealth veterinary services are also here to keep your pet healthy and happy!

When it comes to virtual care for your pet, understanding the difference between telemedicine and teletriage is key. Telemedicine is used to diagnose and prescribe medication. If your veterinarian offers it, it’s a great resource, but you must have visited the vet in-person previously to be eligible. Teletriage is open to all pet owners and serves more as an emergency advice line. If your pet is throwing up at midnight and your local clinic is closed, this is the option for you. 

Whichever is more applicable for your needs, remember that neither is a complete substitution for in-person visits. Most clinics are open right now with restricted hours and extra safety protocols so you can be seen if need be. If you want to explore virtual health options for your pet, here are some good choices. 

  1. TeleVet. This app is easy to navigate and works great for people with vets in-network. Just make a profile for your pet, connect with your provider, and input a payment method. 
  2. Virtuwoof. Similarly to TeleVet, this app allows you to connect with your vet and access help quickly. The app offers a dropdown menu of common need options and lets you connect with help in 5 to 10 minutes. 
  3. PetDesk. This innovative app lets you not only connect with your vet but also keep track of medical records and prescriptions. This helps you not only get care, but also track regular appointment schedules, refills, and store preferences about emergency care and dietary needs. 
  4. AirVet. This is a great option for emergency care. AirVet offers answers to pressing health questions and allows you to connect with your vet or an on-call professional for immediate care.
  5. Ask.Vet. This browser-only platform offers immediate advice on care for your pet in emergency situations. While it usually costs $20 a session, the company has teamed up with Royal Canin Dog Food to offer the service temporarily for free. If your pet does need emergency care, the site can give advice and help connect you with an urgent care provider. 

Your pet might hate going to the vet, but with high costs and long drives, us humans aren’t crazy about it either. Fortunately, telemedicine is here to help you navigate your pet’s veterinary needs and receive timely advice on whether an in-office visit is needed or not. We’re all a bit more focused on our health these days and your pet is not an exception! This is a great tech-focused solution to get them the care they deserve. 

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