Today’s Solutions: October 24, 2021

Traditional greenhouses use plastic polythene sheeting to create a nurturing environment for plants, but this may soon change. An innovative architecture student has found a greener alternative. 

Eliza Hague, a University of Westminster Master of Architecture student, has designed an eco-friendly alternative greenhouse made of shellac-coated bamboo. Using bamboo and natural resins, the greenhouse material is waterproof, and the structure is built using collapsible beams and “inflatable origami hinges”, so it can be easily flattened and transported. When it arrives on site, the greenhouse is essentially “inflated” for an easy and fast set up. 

Hague’s project is part of a larger assignment aimed at challenging unsustainable architectural structures with nature-inspired alternatives. According to Hague, the goal was to create a truly sustainable structure that went beyond the basic environmental requirements of building regulations. 

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the structure is beautiful and still offers a nurturing environment to protect plants. This is a great solution for greener agriculture infrastructure. We hope to see her designs in action in the near future!

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