Today’s Solutions: November 26, 2022

When Marnie Vinall realized she had a problematic relationship with social media, she decided to take some action.

Vinall knew her habit of endlessly scrolling on social media was making her weary and exhausted—and time abundance of time during quarantine only worsened the habit. But now she’s cut the habit, thanks to three simple steps that you can find here.

Make social less available: Vinall started by deleted Twitter and Facebook from her phone. Since her phone was always nearby (as is the case with most everyone), the temptation to check social media from her phone was too tempting. By deleting it, checking social media became more of a conscious choice.

Schedule your use: After deleting her apps, Vinall made a rule for herself. She could only check her social media an hour each day from her computer. Having social media as a platform for connecting with friends and family was still important for Vinall, which is why she didn’t outright delete it. But by scheduling her use, she could keep the use to a minimum.

Be selective: Without the apps, Vinall found herself dedicating time to more meaningful content. Since she couldn’t click one app easily, she began consuming more nourishing content, like books, podcasts, and well-written articles. In fact, she says she’s reading more books than ever.

A lot of research has made the connection between social media overuse and anxiety, which is why it’s vital to have a good relationship with it. Should you be having trouble with scrolling too much, Vinall’s tips may be just the thing you need.

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