Zero-waste eye-mask is both compostable and plastic-free

Along with plastic pollution associated with their packaging, skincare products often contain chemical ingredients that can have a harmful effect on the environment.

Seeking to offer an eco-friendly alternative, sustainable beauty brand Haeckels has developed a zero-waste product that solves the waste issue completely, from the product itself to the packaging it comes in.

The first iteration of this Bio Restore Membrane comes in the form of an eye mask made of an ultra-hydrating jellied seaweed substance known as agar, which is blended with soothing aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, and witch hazel. The eye mask is meant to replace products that “solve” under-eye bags and is made of an all-natural mixture that is left to grow for three weeks before being sent off for use in a one-month supply of 18 masks.

Customers can track the life of their beauty masks with weekly updates that let them know when the membrane has been created and how it’s growing.

The skin-care industry often comes under scrutiny for its wasteful production practices, with many products ending up in landfills due to overproduction. The made-to-order mask makes a dent in this trend eliminating excess products on the shelf.

On top of that, both the product and the packaging are zero-waste. The membrane will biodegrade after use and disposal. The same is true for the compostable glassine sack in which the masks are shipped. Plus, the company is committed to carbon-neutral shipping.

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