Today’s Solutions: May 25, 2024

Many people practice yoga for physical and mental health, but it turns out it’s also a great activity for those looking to boost their performance at work. A new study indicates that morning yoga improves focus at work throughout the day.

The study surveyed 1,000 full-time professionals across a variety of fields and found that a regular morning yoga practice was most effective for workday focus, rather than an evening practice. 

Those who practiced in the evening reported doing so for more cardiovascular and stress relief purposes, while those who practiced in the middle of the day did so for a mid-day energy boost. 

It’s not surprising that yoga can boost your focus at work. The meditative benefits help you clarify your goals while yoga’s calming effects put you in a less distracted headspace. 

This isn’t the first study to suggest yoga can make you better at your job. Another 2010 study found that regular yoga improved productivity, performance, and job satisfaction. Fortunately, it appears that working from home has increased employees’ dedication to their at-home yoga. 58% of work from home respondents reported making time for daily yoga versus 49% of on-site workers. 

If you’re having trouble avoiding distractions while working from home, a morning yoga routine can help you stay on track. We also recommend checking out our articles on maintaining a work-life balance and boosting work from home productivity to create your ideal home office dynamic.

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