Today’s Solutions: September 25, 2022

Is working from home taking a toll on your back? If so, you don’t have to jump straight to buying a new office chair. Here are some simple tips to make your work from home set up more ergonomic. 

Support your low back

Sit up straight and place a rolled-up towel or lumbar roll between your low back and the back of your chair. This will support your back and improve your posture for overall comfort. 

Where are your feet?

Foot position has a big impact on the rest of your body. Place your feet square on the ground underneath your knees. If you’re someone who usually crosses their ankles or knees, this will make a big difference. If your chair has an adjustable height, move it up or down so your feet sit comfortably on the ground without dangling or scrunching up. 

Try standing 

Standing for part of the workday can help reduce back pain and posture. Try standing at a kitchen counter or other surface that is relatively the height of your elbows. You can use books to prop up your computer to a comfortable height. Remember to stand straight and not lean on one foot or the other. 

Incorporate movement

Even the most ergonomic chair is going to start to feel uncomfortable after hours of sitting. Take a small break every hour to stand, stretch, and maybe even practice a few yoga poses. Take small walks throughout the day to keep your blood pumping and promote long term health. 

Buying a new office chair isn’t always feasible, but these small inexpensive adjustments to your workspace can make all the difference for your back. Even if you’re comfortable in your space, try them out anyways to help prevent future pain.

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