5 Morning stretches you can do before you even get out of bed

What is your morning routine looking like these days? If you’re waking up tense, some morning stretches can be the perfect solution for starting your day with more flexibility and stability. Here are five great stretches that you can do before you even get out of bed!

  1. Twist. This is a favorite among those with tight backs. While laying down, bend one knee and cross that leg across the other. Extend your arms to a “t” and look in the opposite direction of where your leg is reaching. Deepen the twist by pushing down gently on your crossed, bent leg. 
  2. Side bend. This is a great chest and back opener. Sit with your legs crossed and reach over your head with one arm towards the other side of the room. Lean your opposite elbow down on the bed for support. 
  3. Straight leg twist. While seated, bend one leg in so the sole of your foot meets your inner thigh, like you would when stretching your hamstring. Rather than reaching for your other foot, twist your upper body away from your outstretched leg. 
  4. Self-massage. If stretching first thing in the morning doesn’t sound appealing to you, try simply sitting with your legs crossed and use your elbows to gently massage your legs. This will still stimulate blood flow and help you relax into your workday. 
  5. Meditated sit. Okay, so this one isn’t a stretch, but it will ground you before you start your day. Simply sit with your legs crossed and breathe deeply. Try to visualize the oxygen entering your lungs and traveling to every corner and crevice of your body.

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