Cook-from-home kits let you recreate your favorite meal

One of the downsides of quarantine life is missing out on your favorite restaurant’s delicious meals–unless they deliver. And even if they do deliver, the food isn’t guaranteed to be as fresh as in the restaurant.

To allow people the chance to enjoy their favorite foods again, some restaurants in the UK are making cook-from-home kits so customers can practice their cooking skills and recreate their favorite local eats. For restaurants without outdoor dining capabilities, it’s also a way to garner more revenue.

Kitchen Table, a Michelin-starred restaurant in London, began to introduce their meal kits when they realized they had no way to feasibly host in-person dining in their small venue. The restaurant is substituting the income from their three-month waitlist by sending out 80 home-delivered meal kits per week.

Pizza Pilgrims, another UK restaurant has found immense success with their “pizza in the post” program. Their kits include dough, sauce, and toppings so customers can roll out and top their own pies. Their initiative is so popular they are selling over 1,000 kits per day. At just 15 pounds per two-pizza kit, it’s a super affordable way to support the restaurant.

Many of us have tried our hand at extravagant home cooking projects during quarantine, but if you’re not an experienced cook or want to reap the enjoyment of cooking while still supporting local restaurants, these deliverable meal kits are a great way to get the best of both worlds!

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