Feeling stuck? Try this reflection series to break free

Being cooped up in our homes all day can make us feel physically stuck, but getting trapped in old habits or feeling personally stagnated can leave us feeling emotionally stuck as well. If you’re itching to break free of old routines and get a fresh start, try this reflection series from Mindful to change your mindset and get unstuck.

  1. Recognize how you’re feeling. The first step is to acknowledge your feelings and come to terms with them. This helps you hone in on where and when you feel stuck and what contributes to it. When do you feel these emotions come up? Are they triggered by a certain person or activity in your life? Does a certain time of day leave you feeling particularly sedentary?
  2. Release tension from your body. We hold a lot of emotional tension in our physical bodies. If you’re having back pain or shoulder tightness, it could be a result of held stress. Do whatever you need to bring lightness and release tension from your body. This could be through yoga, running, stretching, or a dance party in your living room. 
  3. Refocus your attention on the future. This part can be difficult as many of us know we want to change but aren’t sure what to change or how to achieve it. Start by asking yourself what you want. Is it more drive at work? Better physical health? To develop a meaningful hobby? More productive mornings? Once you decide what you truly want, it’s time to look towards change. 
  4. Think changes. How can I achieve what I want? If you want to rekindle the romance in your relationship, maybe it’s time to institute weekly date nights or plan a staycation. If you want to feel purpose at work, maybe it’s time to ask for a role change or look for a new position. Feeling physically unmotivated? Try to find one new and exciting hike to try each Saturday! Map out the steps towards your goal and make a tangible plan to take them. Think about one thing you can do each day to move towards your goal and layout month by month milestones you hope to achieve. 

We’ve all felt stuck at one point or another. Maybe you need big changes in your lifestyle choices or maybe you just let yourself get stuck in a rut. Follow this sequence to release your tension, focus on what you want, and make a plan to get unstuck!

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