Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2023

Houseplants boost mental health and indoor air quality, but some varieties can be toxic to our beloved pets. If you have cats or dogs and are looking to expand your houseplant collection, these 15 varieties are pet-approved and gorgeous!

  1. African violet. These intriguing plants are native to Tanzania and produce curiously fuzzy leaves and beautiful blooms. They are prone to rot, so make sure you keep yours in an easily-drainable pot. 
  2. Aluminum Plant. This species has distinctively striped leaves and loves a humid environment.
  3. Dwarf Banana Plant. This warmth-loving plant has large leaves and even has the potential to bear fruit!
  4. Boston fern. These tropical ferns thrive in hanging pots making them a great choice if your pets like to try and eat plants.
  5. Parlor palm. This hearty plant is great for active households and beginner plant owners. It’s shade-loving and resilient to a bit of wear and tear. 
  6. Hens and chicks. These succulents are definitely more low maintenance than their namesake so they’re great if you live a busy life.
  7. Lemon balm. Although it may look like mint, this perennial shrub is its own variety and produces a wonderful lemony scent. 
  8. Christmas cactus. Unlike their potentially toxic holiday counterpart, poinsettia, Christmas cactus is festive and safe for furry friends. 
  9. Friendship plant. This plant’s textured leaves and petite size make it a beautiful addition to any small space. 
  10. Hawthoria. Hawthoria is a genus of more than 80 species and grows easily indoors with minimal maintenance. 
  11. Metallic Peperomia. This plant’s leaves range from green to deep purple and if you’re lucky, they produce beautiful bean-like white blooms. 
  12. Fairy Elephant’s Feet. This plant’s flowers range from purple to pink and it is named after its distinct stems which look just like elephant feet. 
  13. Moon Orchid. Although sometimes tough to tend, these beautiful flowers and perfectly safe for animals. 
  14. Thimble Cactus. These cacti are as cute as their name and even produce delicate yellow flowers.
  15. Spider Plant. Another great variety for hanging pots, these spindly plants feature a beautiful white and green contrast on their long leaves. 
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