Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what tourist resorts might look like in the future, designs proposed for the Tree House Module contest may satisfy some of that curiosity in a rather enchanting way. One particular proposal tho stands out — a modular treehouse that is made up of two shelters inspired by wasp nests.

Called Nidus Domum, the treehouse is the brainchild of architects Garvin Goepel and Christian Baumgarten and is designed to sit on the property of Vibrac castle in France to offer visitors an escape from modern civilization.

Featuring a curved shape and designed to shelter visitors high up in the trees, Nidus Domum provides a closer connection to nature, which is itself integrated within the structure’s design.

The design of each individual element of the treehouse’s modules draws inspiration from the way wasps build their nests — building layers tightly next to each other in order to strengthen the inner population’s protection.

A particularly attractive feature of the treehouse design is that the modules interlock through single parts rather than in a continuous large surface, making the production and fabrication of the treehouse highly customizable.

Even better, the individual elements are designed small enough so they can be manufactured by local factories, quickly transported to building sites, and easily assembled.

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