Today’s Solutions: November 27, 2022

Drug-resistant bacteria are a growing challenge for the medical community, but choosing effective antibiotics right off the bat can reduce the growth of these bacteria and help patients recover more quickly from illness. Fortunately, researchers from universities and hospitals across Europe have developed a tool to more quickly identify the most appropriate antibiotic combination for any given infection. 

The researchers used new technology to screen clinical multi-resistant bacterial strains for optimal antibiotic combinations. This is so important because bacteria might not be responsive to one antibiotic or another, but together the treatment is highly effective. Unfortunately, finding this key combination is often a process of trial and error. Using the new microcalorimetry technique, scientists can detect heat generation from very small amounts of live bacteria, allowing them to screen a large number of potential antibiotic combinations in a short amount of time to find the ideal candidates. 

Although clinical trials must be completed to bring this technique to scale, the method has been highly successful thus far in animal models. We look forward to seeing how this medical solution progresses and helps address antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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