Today’s Solutions: April 18, 2024

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have experienced a dramatic rise in hate crimes since the beginning of the pandemic. This harassment and violence against the Asian American community is alarming and has many allies looking for ways to contribute towards justice and safety for AAPI individuals. Uplifting voices and leaders in AAPI communities, calling out discriminatory behavior when you see it, and donating to AAPI mental health organizations are all tangible strategies that allies can take to make a difference in the situation. Today we share 12 AAPI mental health organizations that you can support if you’re looking for tangible ways to contribute. 

  1. Asian Mental Health Collective. Studies have shown that Asian Americans are two to three times less likely to seek mental health services than white people. This organization aims to destigmatize mental health services for Asian Americans and make mental health available and accessible to Asian communities across the globe. 
  2. Womankind. This organization provides support and counseling to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence. Their services are offered in over 18 Asian languages and dialects. 
  3. Heart Of Dinner. This group delivers meals, care packages, and handwritten notes to homebound individuals to combat loneliness within the Asian-American elderly community. 
  4. National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association. This organization offers cultural competency training and interpreter training for mental health service providers as well as a mental health program for college students and young professionals to discuss stressors in school and the workplace. 
  5. National Queer And Trans Therapists Of Color Network. This network aims to improve mental health services for queer and trans people of color. They offer a directory that helps queer and trans people of color locate mental health practitioners across the country. 
  6. Asians Do Therapy. This is another organization working to destigmatize mental health services for Asian Americans. They offer tips for how to find an effective therapist and share real stories highlighting positive Asian-American experiences with therapy. 
  7. API Equality – Northern California. This California-based organization works specifically with trans and gender non-conforming communities to improve housing access, healthcare, and safety,
  8. Asian Health Services. This organization was founded in 1974 and offers primary care services, mental health resources, case management, nutrition, and dental care to AAPI patients in both English and over 14 Asian languages. 
  9. Asian American Federation. This group supports a network of 70 Asian community-based organizations by providing funding to reduce the stigma of mental health issues and generate policy recommendations to address barriers in the field. 
  10. Project Lotus. This group addresses mental health access by specifically addressing the model minority stereotype which portrays Asian Americans as the smartest and most hardworking minority. Project Lotus offers expert-led webinars on a variety of mental health topics for youth and adults. 
  11. AAPI Woman Lead. This organization focuses on ending racial and gender violence by raising awareness of the issue and offering mental well-being workshops and healing resources. 
  12. The Cosmos. This community organization offers community events, workshops, book clubs, language clubs, and retreats for AAPI women to connect with each other and practice self-care. 

This is far from a comprehensive list of all the Asian American-focused mental health and social justice organizations, but it’s a good place to start for anyone looking to contribute to protection and healing for the AAPI community. 

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