Gomi introduces wireless chargers made from plastic waste

UK-based sustainable studio Gomi first put themselves on our sustainable design radar when they partnered with Lime to release a Bluetooth speaker powered by old e-bike batteries

Now, Gomi is back at it again with the addition of their newest product: wireless chargers made from recycled plastic waste. Featuring their signature marbled aesthetic that is created by the natural color variation of recycled plastic, their latest eco-friendly gadget proves to be even better than its unsustainable counterparts with 15W fast-charging capabilities that make it twice as fast as regular lightning cables.

The charger is conveniently compatible with devices that have magnetic charging abilities and wireless charging capabilities, and costs just under $50.

Gomi offers automatic lifetime warranties for their wireless chargers, as they do with all their products to prevent any of their items from unnecessarily filling landfills. They also offer buy-back credits for devices that are too worn to be repaired so that the company can recycle and reuse whatever material they can save for up-and-coming products.

Image Source: Gomi Design

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