Today’s Solutions: May 23, 2022

Gomi is a sustainable UK-based design studio that makes chargers and other devices out of the waste that would otherwise be thrown into landfills. Its newest project is a line of portable Bluetooth speakers.

The speakers are constructed out of 100 percent recycled plastic waste and are powered by retired Lime e-bike batteries. As part of the partnership with Lime, Gomi will use 50,000 battery cells from 1,000 old e-bikes.

How can anything be powered by a battery that’s been retired? For Lime’s purposes of powering an e-bike, cells are written off as dead once they fall below a certain level, but they still can provide energy for less demanding personal electronic devices. In fact, the Gomi speakers boast fantastic sound quality and impressive 20-hour battery life.

The company also promises a “repairs-for-life” return service to discourage consumers from throwing away their speakers unnecessarily.

E-bikes and e-scooters are better for the environment than gas-fueled cars but have been criticized for their relatively short lifespan. Lime’s upcycling partnership with Gomi can help reduce their environmental impact.

If these cool and sustainable Bluetooth speakers (that come in green, black, blue, and “birthday cake”) have piqued your interest, check out their Kickstarter.

Image source: Gomi

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