Today’s Solutions: July 07, 2022

For individuals undergoing cancer treatment or experiencing alopecia, wigs can be a great resource for self-expression and regaining confidence, but a high-quality wig can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are organizations that accept hair donations to make wigs for those without the resources to purchase one. If you have long hair or are looking for a free way to give back to someone in need, here is a list of ways you can donate your locks and how to prep your hair for the process. 

When it comes to donating your hair, the length necessary varies based on where you donate. Locks of Love will accept 10 inches of hair, but Hair We Share and Wigs for Kids both require 12 inches. Hair coloring is a consideration as well. Many organizations can only accept untreated hair, but Locks of Love will accept dyed hair. Once you find a place you would like to donate, go to their website linked below to research their requirements. 

As far as hair prep, you should head into your cut with clean, dry hair that hasn’t been blow-dried, straightened, or curled. Whether you’re getting your hair cut at a salon or doing it yourself, part it in the middle of your head and separate it out into several individual sections. Secure each section with a rubber band about one inch down from where you would like to cut and try to make the chop as clean and even as possible. Take your cut sections and bind them together, then secure them in a sealed plastic bag and mail them to the organization of your choosing. 

Feeling ready to donate? Here’s a list of different organizations to choose from!

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