Today’s Solutions: November 28, 2021

From eco-friendly tiny homes to purchasing forests for protection, Ikea is serious about its commitment to the environment and has pledged to be a zero-waste business by 2030. Now, the company is hoping to help its customers get creative with their waste reduction as well, with a new zero-waste cookbook.

Ikea Canada’s recently released Scrapsbook expands upon the idea of a waste-free kitchen by sharing creative and tasty ways to turn food scraps and leftovers into delicious meals.

Chefs across the nation contributed recipes that use a variety of strategies to ensure you waste less while cooking. The book has around 50 recipes, including breakfast, mains, sides, soups, and dessert. It also includes “scrappy tips” for using non-edible food waste. For instance, instead of throwing eggshells into the compost bin, you can grind them into a calcium powder to remove limestone deposits in the bathroom.

The idea is for the book to act as a guide to help people think about food waste differently. So, even if you don’t have the exact scraps needed to follow a recipe, the book is a great resource for innovative ways to use more and waste less. Ingredients here aren’t set in stone; swapping out some scraps for others is allowed and encouraged.

Some of the meals and snacks you’ll find between the pages of Scrapbook include a wilted greens smoothie and “mac & rinds,” a twist on the classic pasta dish that incorporates cheese rinds. The book is also a clever opportunity for product placement, with food beautifully photographed laying atop cake stands and plate sets that Ikea has for sale.

Scrapbook is available to download as a free PDF, so before you trash your scraps, consider clicking here to try your hand at more sustainable cuisine.

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