Today’s Solutions: November 28, 2021

For people who may not have the option to travel to a medical center to get vaccinated, a company called Ayro has a solution: bring the vaccination to them via an electric vehicle equipped with an ultra-cold freezer.

The vehicle is a modified version of the tiny food trucks you might see at a festival or a college campus, but instead of serving up meals, this mobile vaccination unit is serving up immunity to Covid-19. Ayro’s mobile vaccination unit can be charged via a standard outlet and its freezer and fridge are designed to run on batteries.

Beyond being electric, another benefit of the truck is its small size, which allows it to drive directly into a school gym or a remote indoor vaccination site.

As vaccination efforts ramp up, Ayro is teaming up with distribution partner Element Fleet Management to demonstrate its usefulness to potential customers.

“State, local, and federal entities really can use this to get vaccines in arms faster than they were doing it today,” said Ayro CEO Rod Keller. “We’re not making people come to the vaccine distribution areas as much as we’re bringing the vaccine to where they are.”

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