Tips for eating healthy on a tighter budget

Trendy new health food items are always popping up on the grocery store shelves, but in reality, eating healthy doesn’t mean buying into the latest health food craze. In fact, eating healthy on a budget is actually quite manageable if you’re smart about your shopping habits. Today we share five tips for eating healthy on a budget. 

  1. Buy in bulk. Key health staples like beans, lentils, rice, quinoa, oats, and nuts are all versatile healthy foods you can buy cheaper in bulk and won’t spoil on you too quickly. 
  2. Explore canned and frozen foods. Oftentimes, canned or frozen foods have the same nutritional benefits as their fresh counterparts even if they don’t look as appealing. Canned fish is a great way to get some extra protein and frozen vegetables and berries make an easy addition to any recipe that won’t go bad as quickly. 
  3. Explore your options. We are often comfortable eating what we’re used to, but exploring more seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as more diverse protein sources like fish, can be a way to cut down on your grocery bill and still get those critical nutrients. For example, online retailers like Vital Choice, Thrive Market, and Butcher Box offers high-quality fish at prices often lower than your local grocery store. 
  4. Find accessible organic options. Stores like Walmart, Costco, Trader Joes’, and Thrive Market all often sell their organic options at the same price as their non-organic. Joining a CSA subscription service is another great option for getting locally-grown organic produce at a surprisingly affordable price. 
  5. Master quick healthy meals. We often resort to takeout when we’re tired from a long day, but finding easy and fast go-to recipes will help you eat healthier and save money. Build a repertoire of speedy stir-frys, salads, and smoothies that you can throw together with whatever ingredients you have on hand. 

Working on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice eating healthy. As a matter of fact, focusing on healthy staples can even be cheaper than processed goods.

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