4 Ways to spruce up your houseplants for the new season

Spring has sprung and your closet and bathroom aren’t the only things in need of seasonal cleaning. After a long winter, spring is the perfect time to clean up our houseplants and prep them for the big growing season ahead. Here are four ways to spruce up your houseplants this spring. 

  1. Check pot sizing. Spring and summer are big growth seasons for houseplants, so it’s important to check they have enough room to expand in their pots. Check out this guide to see if it’s time to give your plant a bigger home. 
  2. Clean out dead leaves and dirt. Plants get dusty too, so it’s important to wipe down their leaves with a damp rag every once and a while to ensure photosynthesizing success. You can even put your plants in the shower and give them all a good rinse to clear away dirt and give them a good soak. This is also a good opportunity to prune away any dead leaves and check for bugs. 
  3. Propagate. Springtime is the season of growth, so what better time to expand your indoor jungle? Check out yesterday’s guide on plant propagation for more details. Don’t need more plants? Give your propagated cuttings to friends or family to start their own houseplant collections. 
  4. Clean your windows. Houseplants thrive off the natural sunlight that filters through your windows. Spring is a great time to clean your windows, inside and out, to optimize natural light in your home for you and your plants. 

Nurturing houseplants is a wonderfully rewarding way to bring some natural beauty into your home and purify indoor air. Most plants are fairly easy to care for, but adjusting your upkeep routine with each season can make all the difference in helping your leafy friends thrive.

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