Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

Happy Earth Day! In addition to our Healthy Kitchens Week series, we’re celebrating by sharing some great virtual events you can take part in to honor the Earth and flex your sustainability muscles. 

  1. Earth Day Live: Restore Our Earth. This online stream begins today at noon (EST) and features presentations from celebrities, politicians, and activists across many fields. 
  2.  Leaders Summit on Climate. Led by 40 world leaders, this climate summit takes place today and tomorrow and tackles complex questions like how to reduce emissions, how to achieve net-zero (offsetting or reducing carbon dioxide emissions), and how to protect populations from climate change. 
  3. American Climate Leadership Summit. This online gathering of environmental activists is happening April 27th through April 29th and covers the current status of climate change as well as strategies of activism and personal action. 
  4.  WE ACT for Environmental Justice Virtual 5K. Want to move your body this Earth Day? This virtual 5K celebration is taking place from April 17th through April 25th with an option to use your commitment to raising money for WE ACT, an environmental justice organization. 
  5. Activism for Earth. This event, put on by the University of Utah, takes place today, live-streamed from the Natural History Museum of Utah, and features performances based around the classical elements: earth, air, water, and fire. It also includes a feature-length film exploring nature and humanity as well as a panel discussion on the event. 
  6. The Year Earth Changed. If your family are movie fans, this documentary, narrated by David Attenborough, details how Earth changed for the better throughout pandemic lockdowns. It’s available for viewing on Apple TV Plus.
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