Today’s Solutions: November 26, 2022

We all want our homes to smell great, but shelling out lots of money on chemical-filled air fresheners isn’t great for your wallet or your indoor air quality. To kick off Healthy Kitchens Week, we’ve got 12 great natural indoor air fresheners you can make with ingredients you might already have around the house!

  1. Reed diffuser. This reed diffuser guide requires just sticks, a jar, coconut oil, and essential oils to make your house smell great.
  2. DIY Room scents. If you’ve got an herb garden and some extra jars laying around, it’s easy to make these room scents. Plus, you can customize the ingredients for a smell that is uniquely you. 
  3. Beeswax candles. These candles use all-natural ingredients for a pleasant and delicate honey scent. Plus, they give off negative ions when burned to purify your home’s air. 
  4. Lilac room spray. Who doesn’t love the smell of lilac? With this homemade room spray, you can keep that spring scent around all year round. All you need is lilac oil, vodka, and water!
  5. Coffee-scented candles. The smell of warm coffee in the morning is enough to get anyone out of bed, so why not keep that energy alive in your home with these soy wax candles. 
  6. Scented wax bars. These bars are easy to make with your favorite scents and can be added to drawers and closets to keep linens and clothing smelling fresh. 
  7. Air fresheners. You’ll never buy aerosol air freshener again with these all-natural essential oil options. 
  8. Fruit rind fresheners. A great use for fruit peels! Just take half of a citrus fruit and fill it with sea salt. Set it somewhere where it can soak up all the bad odors and replace the set up every few days. 
  9. Garbage disposal cleaner. Garbage disposals can hold the scent of all the food we put down them, but these pellets made with vinegar and orange peel will clear those smells right up. 
  10. Homemade potpourri. There’s really no wrong way to do potpourri. Collect old flowers and combine them with herbs, spices, and oils for a heavenly decorative feature. 
  11. Deodorizing disks. These are great for particularly smelly areas, like recycling cans and diaper buckets. Baking soda, essential oils, water, and parchment paper are all you need!
  12. Fridge deodorizer. We all know the fridge can be the smelliest part of the house. Upgrade your box of baking soda with added essential oils to neutralize and replace bad odors.
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