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This portable wind turbine can power your electric camping equipment

Yesterday, we shared a story about a bladeless turbine that could revolutionize wind power. On a similar note, today we would like to introduce to you the Wind Catcher, a portable power-generating wind turbine designed to change the camping experience.

Developed by Copenhagen-based startup KiteX, the turbine is made from high-quality recycled filaments designed for campers, RV users, and more general uses such as backup power for emergencies.

Drawing inspiration from the design of kites, the lightweight turbine uses strings to hold the structure in place and is light enough to be carried and installed by one person in just 15 minutes.

The Wind Catcher comes in two versions. The first model can produce 200W — ideal for climates with lower wind speeds — and can power a small fridge, a few lights, as well as your laptop. The second model can produce 600W and, in windy areas, it is able to deliver enough power to run personal electric equipment, charge e-bikes, operate, power tools, or boil water.

“Wind Catcher is durable. It will survive mean wind speeds up to 20 m/s [45 mph] — and gusts even higher,” said Andreas Okholm, the turbine’s inventor. “Having the forces anchored through the structure and into the ground means the structure is lightweight and strong at the same time. There’s no need for foundation, heavy steel towers, and metal brackets.”

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