Today’s Solutions: March 31, 2023

Israel is set to become the first country in the entire world to ban the sale of fur fashion. The new legislation will come into effect in six months — a historic decision for animal rights and protection.

The environmental protection minister of Israel, Gila Gamliel, issued a statement once she passed the ban into law that reads: “The fur industry causes the deaths of hundreds of millions of animals worldwide. And, inflicts indescribably cruelty and suffering. Signing these regulations will make the Israeli fashion market more environmentally friendly and far kinder to animals.”

Fur will still be permitted for scientific research, education, or instruction, and for religious or traditional purposes. Executive director of the Humane Society International UK Claire Bass says, “Even with the exemption for traditional dress, without which this ban was unlikely to have succeeded, Israel’s fur ban will save the lives of millions of animals suffering on fur farms or languishing in cruel traps around the world, and it sends a clear message that fur is unethical, unnecessary, and outdated.”

Bass hopes that the British government and other countries will soon follow suit.

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