Today’s Solutions: April 14, 2024

While you might be excited about the prospect of returning to the office, your pets most certainly are not. Our furry companions, especially those adopted during the pandemic, are likely going to be anxious about not having you at home all day for the first time in over a year, so we’re sharing a guide to help make this transition as comfortable as possible for them. 

Preparing a pet for your absence 

Work your way up to a nine to five in the office by leaving your home for longer and longer stretches of time. This will teach them that even though you are leaving, you will always come back. Reward them for this time by giving them a treat when you leave and when you return. You can also prepare them for your workdays by reinstating a regular meal and walk time routine scheduled around your working hours. 

How do I know if my pet is stressed? 

Just like your pet wags its tail or runs around before a walk, they will also exhibit telltale signs of nervousness as you get ready to leave for work. If your pet starts to whine, bark, or lay by your feet as you get ready for the day, they may be having a tough time with the transition. Negative behaviors that they wouldn’t usually exhibit like scratching furniture, chewing shoes, or urinating in the home are also signs of anxiety or maybe just boredom. 

Soothing anxiety

If you think your pet is anxious or bored, helping them relieve this pent-up energy before you leave for the day is a great strategy. Start the day with a long walk or trip to the dog park to tucker them out. For cats, a long brushing or playing with toys are great options. Investing in interesting new activities for them to engage in while you’re gone will also help them take their minds off your absence. Puzzles and toys will keep them engaged and keep your footwear safe.

Last resort?

If these strategies aren’t working, you may have to make some alternative arrangements for your pet during your working hours. Paying a dog walker to drop by the house or investing in pet daycare will ensure your companion is getting their needs met. 

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