Today’s Solutions: February 26, 2024

Sustainability is (and should be) taking over all aspects of our lives—including our sex lives. The global sex toy and lubricant market may not be the first industry you think of when the term “sustainable” is brought up, but the fact is that it’s an industry that relies heavily on plastic and so presents an opportunity to turn that around in favor of a more sustainable alternative.

The sustainable sex market is an up-and-coming market that sex-toy brands are starting to tap into as they realize that sustainability is becoming a valuable factor to consumers around the world. Iconic brand Womanizer is striving to lead the eco-friendly sex-toy revolution with the launch of its first green sex toys: Premium eco.

Womanizer released the first pleasure air toy 12 years ago, and it has since reigned in the industry. Now Womanizer proclaims Premium eco toys to be the first biodegradable and recyclable Pleasure Air toy. The apparatus itself is made of Biolene—a bioplastic made from 70 percent natural materials like corn starch. Even the toy’s packaging is 100 percent plastic-free. Instead, it’s made of FSC paper, which can also be recycled.

On top of its sustainable production, Womanizer pledges to plant a tree with charity One Tree Planted for every Premium eco toy purchased.

Sex toys aren’t the only avenue for sustainable sex. Natural lubricant brands like Maude and Aloe Cadabra offer non-petroleum-based pleasure free of harmful additives and chemicals. Eco-friendly condoms like those from Glyde, which are ethical, vegan, and fair-trade, will also give you peace of mind in the bedroom.

If you aren’t ready to buy a biodegradable sex toy, personal strategies like buying high quality sex toys that won’t break after a year and properly disposing of condoms will also make your sex life more sustainable.

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