Today’s Solutions: May 28, 2023

From companies using more recycled materials in their products to corporations increasing their focus on sustainability, and people learning about ways to green up their lifestyle, climate change concerns have become ubiquitous. Now, even video games are joining the climate movement.

One of these games is Descendants of Earth, a multiplayer game where our descendants live in the year 2412 — a time when climate change has transformed the planet into an uninhabitable wasteland. The only way to change their condition is to change the past itself, starting with the year 2021.

Through a Time Pump, players can send resources — earned from real environmental action — from 2021 into the future to help their descendants regenerate the planet in the year 2412. While the game is full of common sci-fi elements, the entire scenario is very relatable.

“Descendants Of Earth is a new breed of social impact gaming, where enjoyment and immersion meet tangible outcomes for the player and the environment,” said co-founder Natalia Shafa.

Essentially, the mobile game merges real-world environmental action with gameplay. When players complete climate action challenges in the real world, they earn resources for the game world. What’s more, when they complete these action challenges, they contribute towards a better future for the real descendants of Earth.

The game’s storyline is based on the most cutting-edge climate science and up-to-date information available. The game is currently available on Google Play for alpha testing, so you can already go ahead and have some environmentally-friendly fun.

Image source: Descendants of Earth

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