Today’s Solutions: February 26, 2024

An Austin neighborhood is getting a green upgrade in an attempt to become a self-sufficient solar-powered town.  

Through partnering with Tesla and developer Dacra and Brookfield Asset Management, the town plans to equip houses with V3 solar roof tiles, Tesla chargers, and Powerwall battery storage. The neighborhood will be self-sufficient and will not require an electric grid. The infrastructure developed will also provide a backup energy generator in times of a power outage. This solution could not come at a better time given Texas’ recent struggles with their energy grid, which officials have pledged to resolve. 

“The City of Austin is excited for the arrival of these affordable options to housing powered by renewable energy,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler told the Independent. “I am excited for the Tesla, Brookfield, and Dacra partnership’s approach to sustainable energy and housing as an example of the out-of-box thinking that continues to make our community a beacon of innovation for the rest of the country and world.” 

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