Today’s Solutions: December 02, 2022

Weeks after Canadian basketball star and nursing mother Kim Gaucher vocalized concern regarding the policy banning all family members from attending the Olympics in Tokyo this summer, the Olympic committee has adjusted their regulations to allow nursing children to also attend the games.

Gaucher’s concerns were echoed by US soccer player Alex Morgan and UK archer Naomi Folkard, who noted that athletes should not have to choose between competing and caring for their young children.

According to organizers, nursing children can accompany mothers “when necessary.” They cite “necessary” as meaning a child is within nursing age, but many athletes point out that this language is still too vague. US soccer captain Megan Rapinoe voices support for Morgan and other parents, tweeting, “If a mother/father/parent says it’s necessary, it’s necessary.”

Japan has recently announced that no fans, even Japanese residents, will be permitted to attend the event. Despite restrictions, the games plan to continue as scheduled starting July 23.

Image source: CBC

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