Mexican army rescues street dogs to find them homes and vocations

After getting news that a large number of stray dogs were wandering around the construction site of Mexico City’s new airport, the Mexican army stepped in and decided to find those animals a new home. To that end, the army transformed an unoccupied kindergarten building near the airport into a shelter, called the Doggies of Santa Lucia.

The shelter can host up to 50 dogs that receive medical attention, food, shelter, and possibly even a vocation, as reported by Reuters. “The shelter’s objective is to give the dogs a temporary home and to adapt them to live with humans and other dogs so they can be adopted by a family,” said Second Lieutenant Carla Medellin, a veterinarian.

While most of the dogs are up for adoption, specialists and veterinarians will also look for canines that can work at the airport as sniffer dogs to detect COVID-19 patients or even drugs. “Dogs can help us as medical alert dogs. They can detect cancer, hypertension, early diabetes or Covid-19,” said Pamela Diaz, an architect at the airport. “Mainly at the airport, they will provide a way of carrying out fast tests.”

Image source: Reuters

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