Today’s Solutions: March 31, 2023

You may have never heard of Bento, but you might have seen it in action at a local restaurant without even realizing it. Created during the pandemic by Not Impossible Labs, Bento is a program that pulls together restaurants, individuals who are food insecure, and those wishing to make a difference in their community for across the board benefits.

When someone donates to Bento, the program uses the money to order a meal for someone in need at a restaurant in their local area. The person can go pick it up, stigma-free, and the restaurant sees increased business during a time of need.

Now that economic activity is picking back up in the US, Bento will continue their operations, but with an expanded focus. The company has partnered with Genpact to bridge the gap between donors and recipients to help nonprofits and governments make aid programs as effective as possible. Based on their idea of connecting donors directly with those in need of a meal, Bento’s new initiative will use this data to inform how food insecurity and giving fluctuates throughout the year as well as how other nonprofits can create more profound connections between those they receive donations from and those they serve.

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