Today’s Solutions: April 21, 2024

Are you tired of buying fresh cut flowers only to have them wilt in a few days? We’ve got a solution for you! In addition to making your own cut flower food, you can opt for flower varieties with proven longer vase lives. Here are six flower types that will hold up longer after being cut.


These bright little flowers last up to three weeks after being cut and continue to open for increasingly beautiful blooms as they age.


These flowers, also called the Peruvian lily, last several weeks and come in all different colors so you can opt for your favorite shade of long-lasting blooms.


A fan favorite, these last two weeks and come in many different color shades.


A more difficult, but rewarding, flower to tend, these flowers also last a long time once cut. Their refusal to wilt is why they are a popular wedding flower and might just make them worth the price tag.


There are over 1,000 species of anthuriums to choose from and their blooms last two to three weeks.


While not as flashy as other blooms, these unique looking flowers are incredibly long-lasting and can be dried out for even longer-lasting decor once they start to wilt.

Other tips

We mentioned homemade flower food above, but you can also extend the life of your bouquets by cutting the stems at a 45 degree angle before putting them in water and removing extra leaves or foliage. Changing the water every few days and keeping vases away from sunlight and drafts will also help.

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