Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

Swimming pools offer endless hours of entertainment for young kids, but once they grow up or get busy with after school activities, most private pools end up sitting unused for the majority of the year. To help keep those pools in use and generate some extra funds for those that maintain them, entrepreneurs Asher Weinberger and Bunim Laskin launched Swimply, an Airbnb-like service for backyard swimming pools.

The platform launched in 2018 and now has half a million users and about 13,000 pools. Pool owners can list their properties on Swimply and users can browse nearby options and rent them out by the hour. The company grew exponentially during the pandemic as rentable outdoor spaces offered a safe place to cool off while public pools were closed.

The founders credit Swimply’s success to the fact that it benefits both pool owners and renters. For those who own a rarely-used pool, renting it out occasionally can help offset the cost of upkeep. Costs range from $20 an hour for small pools to $100 for upscale, full-sized options, but most sit at the $40 to $45 range.

As always with pools, safety is a big concern, so Swimply has a comprehensive insurance policy that covers pool owners. There are no lifeguards, so renters must be cautious and keep a close eye on young children just as they would at a lake, river, or friend’s pool. If you’re trying to beat the heat this summer, check it out in a neighborhood near you!

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