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Today’s Solutions: June 21, 2024

Autumn colors and cooler weather inspire creativity in many of us. Tap into the natural resources of your own backyard this fall and put your creative juices to use with these fun, eco-friendly crafts.

Pruned wood rounds and pyrography

If you find yourself with larger branches after pruning trees in your garden, then you can slice them into circles and decorate them using pyrography. Pyrography is the delicate art of burning designs into wood, which you can use to create beautiful custom images on ornaments, coasters, placemats, or wall art.

Whittled wood crafting

Pruned branches are also perfect for practicing your traditional whittling techniques. Wooden spoons and spatulas, traditional clothes pegs, tent pegs, plant markers, and more can be easily whittled into the wood with just a bit of practice. Even though you may not be a pro at it, whittling can be a fun and rewarding fall activity to try out with friends and family.

Basketry using dried grasses and nettle fibers

Over the hotter months, collect dried grasses and nettle fibers and play around with some basketry. Use the nettle fibers to make a rustic garden twine. Next, soak the dried grass stems, bundle them, and then gently twist and coil the bundles, tying the coils together with the nettle twine.

Beeswax-dipped autumn leaves

The vibrant colors of autumn foliage always seem to disappear too quickly, so why not preserve them by dipping the leaves in beeswax? Simply dip colorful leaves into melted beeswax, and then use them as natural ornaments for your home. Once the leaves are coated, their vibrant color should last for several months.

Dried flowers and seed heads

Fall is the perfect time of year to collect flowers and seed heads from your garden. Whole dried flowers can be incorporated into seasonal wreaths or a centerpiece for your dining room table, and you can use dried flower petals to make bath bombs or other pampering products.

Natural dyes and pigments

Deep autumn colors are perfect for natural dyes and pigments, so take advantage of them by harvesting root crops, beets, blackberries, and more to make your own at home! You can also use onion skins and other food scraps for natural dyes and pigments instead of throwing them out.

Decorative gourds and squash

Pumpkins can be used for more than just jack-o-lanterns. Hollow out a couple of gourds to use as seasonal candle holders or get creative by carving geometric or floral designs to decorate your home. You can even leave a whole squash as it is—it’s already a naturally decorative ornament on its own.

Using natural materials from your garden to create art and crafts is a great way to reduce consumption and waste. Plus, slowing down to work with nature will help you truly appreciate the beauty and splendor of nature.

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