Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

Back in March 2021, 34 percent of Americans reported being “unlikely to take the Covid-19 vaccine.” A new Axios-Ipsos poll demonstrates that the rise of the Delta variant combined with increased vaccine efficacy research and FDA approval is successfully making the American public more comfortable with Covid-19 vaccines. According to the poll, the number of respondents unlikely to take the vaccine has dropped to 20 percent.

The number of parents opting to vaccinate their children has also risen. 68 percent say they plan to or have already vaccinated their children. That number was 56 percent just two weeks ago.

The poll also noted that 70 percent of respondents approve of the use of masks in schools and 57 percent support vaccine requirements by their employers.

Research continues to support vaccines as the most effective way to protect yourself and those you interact with from contracting a severe case of Covid-19. This poll is an encouraging sign that increased research, public outreach, and demonstrated lower death rates among vaccinated individuals are making more Americans comfortable enough to take their vaccine.

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