Today’s Solutions: April 14, 2024

If you’re curious about the benefits of an electric bike but lack the needed space or budget to invest in a new cruiser, then Swytch’s e-bike conversion kit might be just what you’re looking for. In addition to being more affordable than buying a new e-bike, the easy-to-install kit also gives you the option of upgrading your much-loved existing bike rather than having to part ways with it.

Weighing about 6.6 lbs (3 kg), the eBike Conversion Kit is essentially a one-size-fits-all device that you can attach to your old bike to give it a power boost. From mountain bikes to foldable ones, the kit (the smallest and lightest currently on the market) is compatible with any bike.

The kit consists of a modified front wheel, a pedal sensor system, and a handlebar mounted power pack. Plus, it comes with all the parts and instructions you need, so no extra tools are required for installation.

Once you replace your bike’s wheel with the motor-integrated one, all you need to do is attach the pedal sensor, and place the power pack on the handlebar. As soon as the battery pack is installed and connected, you’re good to go.

The pedal sensor is designed to identify whether you’re pedaling or not, working out how the optimum amount of power it needs to deliver to the motor, based on the selected power level. Once you stop pedaling, the power pack automatically cuts the power to the motor to save energy.

As reported by Interesting Engineering, the power pack holds enough juice to power-assist your cycling experience up to a distance of 31 miles (50 km), and it can get up to 20 mph (32 km/h). While the kit is still quite pricey, retailing at about £999, it’s still cheaper than most e-bikes on the market.

Image source: Swytch

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