Today’s Solutions: May 19, 2024

You’ve probably seen dogs fashionable sporting sweaters, jackets, and booties in the wintertime, and while this may be adorable to human onlookers, how critical are these fashion choices for dogs? Today we share how to equip your dog for winter and whether you really need to invest in jackets and booties for your furry friends.

Paw protection

Booties are a simpler choice than jackets are they are usually more critical for dogs in both hot and cold climates. If you live in a city that salts the roads or where temperatures dip down to freezing, booties are a good choice, especially if you plan to take your dog on long walks or hikes. Likewise, if you live in a city where summer temperatures get above 75, booties may be necessary to protect your pup’s feet from asphalt or sand. Booties are especially important for young or old dogs, as their paws are either still developing, or spending more time on the ground as they move more slowly.

Does my dog need a jacket?

Jackets generally aren’t a necessity for dogs unless they are spending extended periods of time outdoors in freezing weather. That said, for small, sick, or elderly dogs, cold can be more dangerous, and a jacket is a good idea. Keep an eye on your dog while outside and if it is shivering, slowing down, or seems stressed out, it’s time for them to have a jacket on or go inside. The breed is also a factor. For dogs with thick double coats, like huskies, Newfoundlands, chow chows, Bernese mountain dogs, and Great Pyrenees, jackets are rarely needed.

Ask your vet

If you’re still unsure if your dog needs a coat, it’s a good idea to ask your vet’s opinion. They live in the same climate and are aware of your dog’s health history, so they will be able to offer the most informed opinion. When in doubt, most will recommend bringing a jacket with you in cold weather to put on your dog if they begin to exhibit symptoms of chill.

What jacket should I get?

When it comes to shopping, there are endless dog jacket possibilities out there. The Sierra Club recommends Billy Wolf Dog Coats and EcoPup Dog Clothing uses all recycled materials and organic cotton.

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