Today’s Solutions: December 04, 2021

Giving gifts to friends and loved ones boosts our moods and makes us feel good about doing something nice and thoughtful for someone else. Within the workspace, gift giving can have additional benefits that can help your business in many ways.

What is corporate gifting?

When employers offer gifts to their employees or clients, they are engaging in corporate gifting. Corporate gifting can make employees feel appreciated and can forge stronger, happier connections within the team. It is also a great way for businesses to ensure that their clients know that their continued patronage is integral to the business’ success. Below you can dive deeper into the benefits corporate gifting can have for your workplace family.

Benefits of corporate gifting
Motivate employees

Businesses that work efficiently tend to have teams made up of self-motivated employees. However, self-motivated people may be more likely to feel stressed, not because the company is necessarily pressuring them to perform, but because those who are self-motivated dedicate themselves to delivering more than what is expected of them. Corporate gifting is beneficial for the entire team as a way to show employees that their superiors notice and appreciate their exceptional work, further fueling their motivation to continue doing their best.

Boost work satisfaction

Positivity attracts positivity. Make it clear to employees that your business cares about more than just the bottom line by spending resources to provide gifts and perks for the team. Your team’s satisfaction with their employment is a crucial factor in maintaining a positive work environment and corporate gift-giving is one way to make that clear.

Strengthen bonds

Good employers will recognize that the members of their team are not to be seen simply as cogs in a machine, but as complex people you are building and growing with. This is the same for loyal clients, without whom your company cannot grow.

Giving gifts to team members can help strengthen personal bonds between employer and employees while giving gifts to clients will make you more memorable—practicing corporate gifting among employees and clients will forge a stronger sense of loyalty on both sides.

A great way of marketing

If you choose to give gifts that also carry your brand’s name or logo, then this can generate more interest in your business because it will allow you to get more exposure.

Say thank-you

Thanking employees for their work is a kind gesture that will let everyone know that they are valued and respected. Use corporate gifting to let your team know that you are happy with their work and that you hope they will continue to dedicate themselves to their roles in the future.

Thanking clients through corporate gifting also lets them know that you appreciate their loyalty to your business and will encourage them to remain loyal throughout the years.

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